Aug.2023 08
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Epson inkjet technology enables high-speed single-pass printing
A few days ago, Epson announced that its latest Micro Piezo nozzle technology can achieve a single-channel printing speed of up to 100 m/min, which is twice the speed of traditional inkjet printing. Through the innovation and optimization of the nozzle structure and control circuit, the technology enables the nozzles to perform two-way alternate jetting, and cooperates with the high-precision transmission system to achieve high-speed continuous printing.

At the same time, the resolution of the nozzle can also reach 1200dpi, which ensures the printing quality when moving at high speed. Epson said that this technological breakthrough will greatly improve production efficiency and can be widely used in industries such as packaging and labeling that require high-volume, high-speed printing. This shows that the core technology of inkjet printing is becoming more and more mature, and inkjet printing can replace traditional technologies in more fields in the future.
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